• Peoples of Bengali Harlem

    Almost 100 years back a group of peddlers and seamen from East India ( Currently Bangladesh ) came to united states. Jumped ship From the kitchen of British steamships to Newyork .in search of better life. Despite having language, religion, and cultural barrier they made their way to the lower east side of New York as a dishwasher, cook. Mostly settled down to Harlem, married to Puerto African, African American, latino west indies descendant women's. They shared those who are a similar set of the condition and social constraints, consequences. Also daily lives & intimacies, conflicts and affinities. Among harsh racism, the discrimination they made families and multiracial communities in the most talked neighborhood of New York. The story no one ever talked about neither documented.

    On Going Project...
  • Notes and Dots

    Visual diary of an ongoing journey.